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At Natureland Zoological Park we want children and adults to experience native, exotic and everyday animals up close. Natureland welcomes its new exhibit of Tuatara. See Discovery and Animal pages for more details.
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At Natureland Zoological Park we want children and adults to experience native, exotic and everyday animals up close. We want you to experience this in an environment that as close to natural as possible. While you e with us we hope you learn something about animal conservation and environmental issues, and we definitely want you to have a whole stack of fun along the way.

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Why is it good to have zoos?

When the incident of Harambe’s killing came to the spotlight, a lot of activists pointed out that the concept of zoos is flawed. People voiced their opinions saying how keeping an animal away from their natural habitat is not just unfair but also unhealthy for them. But the majority of mishaps sparking such debates only happen with zoos whose officials are extremely unethical and cruel while doing their job. There still exists a good batch of these zoos who work towards improving the living conditions and conservation of animals. In today’s times when human beings are encroaching on spaces belonging to the wild, it isn’t all that bad to provide another habitat to animals in the form of zoos.

Zoos are hosts for breeding programs which go a long way in preserving the genetic biodiversity of our planet. There have been instances where zoos have reintroduced species which were killed off like the Arabian Onyx. This particular animal has since been taken off the endangered list of species. These could easily be termed as insurance policies for certain species which go extinct in the wild.

An extremely important role a zoo plays is to house certain species inside which would have perished and erased off the face of the earth if they were left to the outside world. 39 species of animals are listed as Extinct in the wild by IUCN but still survive in captive populations. Botanical gardens play a similar role in preserving species of plants.

It is difficult for us to have any correlation or link with nature with the busy lifestyles all of us lead. The rush in our lives makes us out of touch with our neighbors in the wild. A visit to the zoo is a favorite essay topic in the English Language exam but its significance is much higher.700 million people were said to have visited zoos worldwide in 2014 and that number has only risen ever since.

International conservation projects for wildlife are pretty difficult to provide strength to. This funding can get easier to attain once people come closer to zoos and experience wildlife. This creates an emotional link which then harnesses their effort to help the conservation cause.

Zoos can act as a living library where people can go and learn about different species of animals. Captive populations should be regarded as being present in a controlled environment where if any diverse situations affect them, people can act and learn how to take care of them in the real environment.

There are numerous zoos which take the effort of setting up centers to preserve amphibians and make sure that a breeding programme works well. This helps us respond to threats like habitat loss for our friends who cannot express their problems.

There are times where conservation specialists feel low and zoos are great examples of how their efforts haven’t gone in vain by looking at certain species extinct in the wild but thriving in captivity!

10 Ways Zoo Visits Can Benefit Your Child

It is a big step for a parent to take their child to a zoo for the first time. They wish to see the excitement in their eyes due to various eyes as well as be vigilant and keep them safe from any dangers. It has been well documented that a visit to the zoo can boost a child’s learning experience and it a lot of fun if done with family and friends. They learn to differentiate from what has been told to them and observe things in real time.

Awareness towards environment

The importance of the effects of our actions on the environment can be understood first hand by kids when they visit a zoo. They should be told about the lifestyle of animals they see and comprehend the lifestyle of animals.

Discipline Development

A zoo might be a controlled environment but it is still a whole new place for a kid. They should be taught how to conduct themselves in a zoo as, without that knowledge, plenty of accidents have happened.

Seeing beyond the fear

Kids are just taught which animals eat grass and which eat meat and they might develop a fear of animals. When they get to see a lion or tiger up close and personal, they see much more than that carnivore and appreciate their raw beauty.

A thrilling experience

In a zoo, children can be bought really close to the real deal of how animals live in an actual forest. They hear sounds, watch mannerisms and understand the behavior of animals during their day-to-day activities like sleeping and eating.

Real experience away from a screen

In today’s day and age, parents try to capture the essence of the outdoors and want their children to live the way they lived as children. An experience in the zoo is very raw and uncontrolled which is deliberately done to expose kids to the wild.

Vocabulary in the zoo

For a kid, every new word they hear is something which triggers their curiosity and they want explanations for those. It’s really difficult for words like camouflage and conservation to be comprehended but once they get to see it in a zoo, it’s fairly simple.

Fact appreciation time

Being a cool parent is on everyone’s intention list and being able to spew facts about hippos and giraffes doesn’t work well with adults. Kids, on the other hand, could use this knowledge.

Curiosity comes forward

Brain development takes a leap when children walk around and are interested in what’s happening around them. A whole different array of questions make their mind grow exponentially.

Interaction option

Some zoos let their visitors come close to the animals. Be it feeding or touching an animal, it is sure an unforgettable experience.


Zoos are spaces where new discoveries happen for kids. These lead to awareness of self and a healthy brain development which in turn calls for the better development of language and also motor functions.

Natureland Zoological Park

Nature is a unique space where we can come and renew ourselves. It returns us to the beauty of our surroundings and to appreciate the creatures that live with us on this beautiful planet. We must protect and preserve our natural ecosystem for the generations that will come after us. What excellent way to do this than creating an animal-friendly zoo in the community?

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Here are some of the reasons that make us benefit in a community nature zoo:


The zoo can be a great way to introduce animals to children who are next in line to be stewards of the world around them. Through zoos, the children can have a direct experience seeing the wonder and importance of the animals.


Ideally, wild creatures should be out in the wild. Unfortunately, some factors make living in their natural habitat dangerous for these animals. The zoo can serve as a temporary home for the animals where they will be loved and nourished. Still, the aim is to release these beautiful creatures to their natural home when it is safe for them.

Supporting a Nature Zoo in your community is a worthy cause to take. Kindly check our website for more information on how you can help.


Thanks to Natureland Zoo, for creating an amazing place that I can visit with my kids quite often. Everytime I take them there, they are excited about the next visit!